Advanced Diploma in Business Administration


Course Overview

The Advanced Diploma in Business Administration consists of three modules. Within the Advanced Operations Management module, you will study inventory control, resource allocation, and how goods and services are produced. Next, you will go on to the Advanced Managerial Accounting and Analysis module, which will cover techniques for predicting sales and identifying risks and give you the essential tools for managerial decision-making. Finally, you will complete your diploma with the Marketing Design and Strategy module that will teach you how to design and execute a business plan. This module covers fundamental marketing concepts such as the marketing mix, brand positioning, and creating a value proposition. This diploma also meets the entry course requirements for enrolling on one of InterActive’s academic programmes.



There are three modules you will study for the Advanced Diploma in Business Administration. There are a list of sub-topics you will cover for each module:

  • Advanced Operations Management – Inventory control, resource management, and using raw materials and human labour to produce goods and services
  • Advanced Managerial Accounting and Analysis – Using managerial accounting and analysis strategies to predict sales revenue and pinpoint risks, managerial decision-making
  • Marketing Design and Strategy – creating a business plan, marketing design using the marketing mix, marketing analysis and brand positioning


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