Professional Accountancy (MSc and PGCert)

This programme covers strategic financial issues that are important for financial officers, managers, managers and analysts involved with finance-related activities. Gain an understanding of key issues and applied methodologies relating to strategic management accounting and evaluating risk.

There are two pathways to achieve the master’s degree, depending on which entrance requirements you meet.

Course Duration: 6 months – 5 years
Application Deadline: 11 June, December (TBC)


Course Overview

Gain a University of London master’s degree and your ACCA professional qualification at the same time. This is the only master’s degree with ACCA recognition. Available anywhere in the world, it prepares you for senior roles and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re a current ACCA student, you can gain a master’s degree alongside your professional qualification. If you’ve already completed your professional exams, boost your qualification cost-effectively with our prestigious master’s degree.

Career Opportunities:

Our MSc Professional Accountancy enables you to combine your professional qualifications with a world-class academic degree that will prepare you for the next step in your career.

“Providing global access to a prestigious master’s qualification as part of ACCA’s professional qualification will offer our students and members the opportunity to enhance their employability even further.” – Alan Hatfield, Executive Director – Strategy and Development, ACCA

Continuing Professional Development

One hour of learning equates to one CPD unit. Your studies could easily provide your full 40 units for one year. You can even carry forward 21 units to the next year.

Entry Requirement:

What qualifications do you need?

  • PGCert: you must be a current ACCA Student, with passes in F1 to F9.*
  • Pathway 1: you must be a current ACCA Student, with passes in F1 to F9 and P1 to P3.*
  • Pathway 2: you must be a current ACCA Member or Affiliate, with passes in F1 to F9, P1 to P3, and two of the ACCA P4-P7 option papers.*
[*] or earlier forms.

Without exams?

If you’re an ACCA Member without any Professional Level exams, you should contact ACCA to ask about your eligibility.

Over five years?

If your last ACCA pass was over five years ago, you’ll need to demonstrate that your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record meets ACCA policy, including an up-to-date CPD declaration.

You’ll also need to complete a certified online preparation course. It takes about 3-5 hours a week over four weeks (although you can complete it faster). There is a fee of US$49 to take the test and receive the certificate.

English Language requirements

You meet the language requirement if you’ve passed the English version of ACCA F1 to F9, any of P1 to P3, or if you’re a current ACCA Member or Affiliate.

Alternatively, you’ll need one of the following from the past three years:

  • IELTS: 6.5 overall, with 6.0 in the written test.
  • TOEFL iBT: 92 overall, with 22+ in reading and writing and 20+ in speaking and listening.
  • Pearson Test (Academic): 59 overall, with 59+ in reading and writing and 54+ in speaking and listening.
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English.
  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (grade C or above).

Computer requirements

We set minimum basic computer requirements because your study resources are accessed via the Student Portal and it is vital that you can access this regularly.


The fee you pay depends on three factors:

Because you complete the degree with as few as two modules, both options are very competitively priced compared to other academic degrees.

Fee per module 2018 study sessions
Web-supported learning, Band A country £1405
Web-supported learning, Band B country £1620
Institution-supported learning, Band A country £1295
Institution-supported learning, Band B country £1510
Module continuation fee (if you do not complete in the six-month session) £650
Examples of total fees for the MSc / PGCert
PGCert (two modules, web-supported, Band A) £2810
MSc (Pathway 1, web-supported, Band A) £4215
MSc (Pathway 2, institution-supported, Band B) £3020

Fees are subject to annual review. These include study materials and entry into assessments.

The higher ‘Web-supported learning’ fee includes support from a University of London online tutor. If you opt for ‘institution-supported learning’, you pay a smaller fee to the University and a separate fee to a local teaching institution for face-to-face tuition. Contact your local institution directly for information about fees.

The module continuation fee is the cost per module if you defer an examination or need to retake assessments. It includes all study materials, entry into assessments, and online tutor support.

Additional Costs

You will also need to budget for:

  • Exams (Pathway 1, MSc/PGCert): exam centres around the world charge a fee for hosting your exams. Contact your local centre for details.
  • Tuition: as described, teaching institutions charge for face-to-face tuition if you choose to take modules with institution-supported learning.
  • Preparatory Costs: if your most recent ACCA pass was over five years ago, you’ll need to complete an online preparation course ($49).


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