International Career Coaching Program



A practical and certified career coaching programme that introduces you to the foundations of career planning where you learn how to understand yourself and align your natural gift with your acquired knowledge and skills in order to succeed. Learn about the Career DEED Pathway, the Career Code Framework and other interesting concepts and knowledge that positions you in this new era.

This programme has been designed by Flexylearn International, as a motivational, practical and engaging programme that puts the power in the hands of students and professionals to take their career bull by its horns irrespective of societal pressures or failures.

The objectives of this programme include:

  1. Exposing participants on how to use already available local and international resources to enhance their studies, professional careers and differentiation in any organisation or institution.
  2. Exposing participants to practical and cost-effective models of supporting career development, whether in setting up their own enterprises and working in employment employability especially overseas.
  3. Exposing participants to ways of increasing the content of their Curriculum Vitae using international partnerships and experiences and personal development to be able to function better in the workplace, attract and guarantee career promotion.
  4. Exposing participants to ways of understanding how to grow their passion, hobbies and interest into formidable and successful career or at least so that they have a clear alternative to their current careers when they return back to their home countries.
  5. Understanding the different models of increasing student work experiences through volunteering schemes; creativity through organizing extra-curricular activities and career-enhancing and employability focused projects; enterprise development through SME-engagement, incubation and start-up support programmes.
  6. Support participants to develop and follow through on personalised career develop plans.
  7. Empower participants for personal growth, development, career satisfaction and societal impact.

The four weeks International Career Coaching Programme (ICCP) has been broken down into four main sections on a weekly basis.


  1. Week 1 – The Perspective Week – Understanding career perspectives and opportunities
  2. Week 2 – The Person Week – Understanding yourself and career equilibrium
  3. Week 3 – The Partner Week – Understanding networks and other resources
  4. Week 4 – The Planning Week – Recap and understanding career planning

Every week, participants should expect the following:

  1. 1 or 2 short career concept videos (about 5 minutes each)
  2. 1 full career lecture (about 45 minutes to 1 hr)
  3. A Career Group discussion
  4. A Career Exercise or Activity

The programme is administered with a support framework administered on a secured WhatsApp Group with access to different online platforms for engagement and interactions with support from accredited mentors and coaches.

The program is flexible, but experience shows that participants must be quick and responsive especially to the practical career exercises as there is a lot to cover over the one-month period of the career coaching programme.

Programme Live Sessions

On two separate occasions over the one-month period, there will be two Live Zoom Session- an Audience with Dr Akanimo Odon (the Programme Head Career Coach), where he would respond to a wide range of career questions that would have been generated from everyone on the programme.

At the end of the one-month programme, participants who have undertaken all career exercises will be assessed and issued a UK Certified Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificate.


ICCP- Basic
Price 30 USD
Course Duration 2 Weeks
ICCP- Advanced
Price 50 USD
Course Duration 4 Weeks
Learning Method(s) Online Live Sessions with assessments