David Ncube - LIFE COACH


Coach David Ncube is an Internationally Certified Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. An accomplished Brand Coach, Image Builder, entrepreneur and pioneer, he is the CEO of Rovok Media, a full media house that specializes in personal branding, business branding and digital marketing. As a transformational Brand Coach and Image builder, using his NLP expertise, he is able to help individuals and companies discover their hidden value and is able to shape it up and package it for the world to see, using the advantages of the digital age and social media, he makes you brand become noticeable and outstanding. Many people fail to accomplish and become successful simply because of two things, the wrong image within and the wrong image without. How you see yourself and how others see you truly determine your success. With Life Coaching, he helps you change the image within, with Brand Coaching, he helps you change the image without. He is a keynote speaker, events host and facilitator and he is experienced at designing interactive workshops and courses that bring about change and transformation in the lives of people and also empowers various organizations to replicate process. He is an Internationally Certified Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Zurich Elite Business School Associate Ambassador and an Affiliate Coach at Project Life Design. His Key Skills: Life Coaching and Mentoring- He helps individuals and companies align with their true purpose by helping change their world view from within Career Enhancement and Coaching- He gives special guidance and coaching to people searching for their true career purpose Branding and Image Building- Because the world responds to you based on how they view you, he helps you become more influential in the market place by bringing out your true image with excellence and style. Taking advantage of social media and the digital age. Public and Transformational Speaking- He addresses corporate and business entities, social and church gatherings to provoke social dialogue and motivate people to action for change and improvement of their lives and those of others. Training and Facilitation- He designs and delivers interactive, experiential workshops and seminars, such as: Relationship alliances, Cross-cultural Communication, Culture and Behavioral Change, Developing Leadership Skills. Designs and facilitates workshops team building and retreats to achieve desired outcomes and objectives.