Study Centre Partner

The average distance learner is a part-time or full-time worker who needs support for their international study.

You can become a Flexylearn Accredited Study Centre(FASC) that provides robust facilities, access to Internet, laptops and desktops and a conducive study environment for flexylearners and be paid for it.

To become a Flexylearn Accredited Study Centre, you must have the following minimum requirements:

  • Be registered as a training and capacity building organization with the national government and pay tax.
  • Have fifty computers/laptops or more equipped with MS Office, video player software.
  • High speed Internet on all computers/laptops.
  • Have at least one data and office management/administrative personnel
  • Be familiar with foreign institution processes including admission, studies and certifications.

examinations depending on your course of study.

Ultimately, we aim to provide you with the right platform to chose what suits you best working with our highly reputable international institutional partners.

Knowledge Franchise Partner

The demand for distance learning is growing in different African countries but the expertise to develop and deliver good quality distance learning programmes is very low. More so, distance learning programmes of international standards require quality video-lessons, progressing text and word-based lessons and an interactive framework to enable discussions and correspondence and many African institutions do not have the expertise to deliver this.

We can launch a series of international standard distance learning online programmes across a wide range of disciplines. We have an incredible database and library of programmes and modules whose video delivery content and text lessons have been developed and delivered by reputable academics from our global university partners.

We will set up a distance-learning platform, upload the distance-learning programme you chose from our library, rebrand the programmes, train your administrators on managing the platform and launch these programmes under an agreed stake-holding formulae.

Program Partners

Several corporate organizations, academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies develop capacity and knowledge transfer programmes, schemes and corporate social responsibility projects.

In an era where distance learning is fast becoming a model to support the delivery of these projects, Flexylearn can support your organization in the design of specialized and flexible online training programmes for your staff, partners, associates, local communities and other stakeholders.