Isreal E. Ezekiel - MENTOR


Mr. Israel Emeka Ezekiel is a literal-artist by profession, a creative dramatist, a prolific script writer, a poet, a concept developer, and a content provider. He is a trainer and an ICT expert in document preparation and electronic archiving. He is currently working with Semlark Technologies Limited consulting for National Judicial Council Nigeria. Mr. Israel is passionate about training young people in leadership, management, emotional responsiveness, career, purpose, talent discovery and enhancement. He is a CPD Certified Mentor with Career Enhancement Program Online (CEPO) His passion for training young people in Discovering their purpose and plotting their career path has led him into pioneering and hosting ASF Mentorship Session with Papa and Mama Israel. This mentorship session gives direction to final year students at the University on how to identify their career path and help them in preparing, planning, and executing their ideas. Mr. Israel has built a career for himself in leadership and writing with over 25 years of experience in both circular and religious organisation, he has also written several articles which are published online by Super Writers and Trumpet Magazines online. He has written several plays prominent among are No Nation, Stupid? and Women’s World which are all imprints. Mr. Israel is married and based in FCT Abuja Nigeria.