Meroline I. Asaah - MENTOR


Meroline Itambi Asaah is a dynamic, efficient and motivational professional with competences and interests in career coaching and development, and environmental sustainability and sustainable development. She is an educator with fifteen years of experience and a remarkable impact on youth development. During her eleven years period as the head of department for geology (2007-2018), she realised there is a gap existing within career development and growth. Seeing that most students and youths have no proper career goals and focus, she is assisting many in coaching and mentoring, in both formal and informal settings. She is equally an ardent environmentalist, the founder and CEO of Den Planet. She has passion for environmental sustainability strategic planning and execution. she is creating a huge impact in this area through environmental education/sensitisation and community green projects. She collaborates with other organisations for greater results. Meroline has gained much of her skills through volunteering: with GERAS Cameroon as assistant project coordinator and youth mobilizer for all youth programs; as project coordinator of Candid Sisters in Development, a group of women enhancing community development through agriculture and poultry farming projects. She is the president of All Geology Teachers in the Cebter Region of Cameroon (AGEOLTEC), for collaboration and effective teaching. She continually learn and build on her skills by taking on short online courses ( career specific courses and general but relevant courses) to boost her career. She is a member of: the African Council of Geoscience Students and Ex-students (ACGSE), Environmental Professional, Global Environmental Awareness Network, among others. She strongly believes that empowering youths is building a very productive future. She is a teacher, a researcher, a mentor, an environmentalist and a leader.